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About EHIZ-Ransomware

We have already mentioned that EHIZ pop-ups can be dangerous but how exactly do they work? This virus can also disconnect your machine from Internet and hide entire desktop with its huge notification that reports about invented law violations. CTB-EHIZ was renewed at the beginning of 2015. The greatest danger of getting infected with this ransomware threat is for those PC users who live in Latvia. This time scammers ask to pay 200 dollars. Once it does that, it displays a huge notification that asks to pay a ransom ($300, $600, $1000) in exchange for the code that is needed for decrypting these files. Of course, hackers will not miss an opportunity to watch series, analyzing the hacking culture. This “malicious executable” can turn out to be a payload of a ransomware.

The original version of this ransomware went on a rampage in  The current version provides a new feature: displays its misleading malware detection alerts. [email  In this case, you should run a full system scan with  Remember, no official authorities use such methods like blocking a computer’s screen out of nowhere. Its main goal is to find files that are going to be encrypted and quickly move on to this process. Thus, decrypting the information becomes even a bigger challenge. All instructions will be displayed straight to your screen in a very shapely composed file pop-up, ordering to contact the provided e-mails:

Distribution Methods of EHIZ ransomware

EHIZ  To prevent access to personal data, EHIZ virus uses RSA-2048 key or AES CBC 256-bit encryption algorithm. Also, the ransom note provides another option to contact cyber criminals in case these two emails become inaccessible – BitMessage (P2P communications protocol, meant to transmit encrypted messages to people). We recommend you using these tips to remove EHIZ from your PC: or  EHIZ from your computer. or  Equally, take care of your computer safety by updating the software from reliable sources and run a trustworthy security utility. After typing the necessary details, a decryption key is generated, and you should decode your files. not saved as a file to the hard drive. Finally be sure to install a reliable antimalware tool if you do not have one already.

If you have your computer blocked by EHIZ. Most likely, it employs the good old methods that help it be as aggressive as possible. If this doesn’t help, follow these steps: Be more careful with your free downloads form the Internet too as they might contain a bundle of this or similar ransomware too. However, if you do not wish to go for the automatic removal option, you can always use our virus removal instructions to take care of the virus manually. The executables will start to run malicious codes and your data will be damaged. It might be that those you have installed are blocked by this ransomware therefore it is recommended to either check if your computer protection is functioning properly or use another program, such as Anti-Malware Tool.

What to Do, if Your Computer Has Been Infected with EHIZ Ransomware?

After restoring your system, it is recommended to scan your computer with an anti-malware program, like Anti-Malware Tool and remove all malicious files related to EHIZ. Since EHIZ virus proceeds with a complexed combination of AES and RSA, malware fighters will have to examine this variant in great detail. In order to disable the Flash, go to Macromedia support and select ‘Deny’: If one of such accounts has administrator rights, you should be capable to launch anti-malware program. www.4-cybersecurity.com/download. We suggest to use either Anti-Malware Tool or Anti-Malware Tool for this task.

* Users infected with EHIZ group of viruses are allowed to access other accounts on their Windows systems. Try to deny the Flash to make your ransomware stop function as intended. In order to disable the Flash, go to Macromedia support and select ‘Deny’: www.4-cybersecurity.com/download. If you see such message, which seems like it has been posted by your friend, you should remove it from your wall immediately. Beware that those can be fake. Anti-Malware Tool, Anti-Malware Tool or Hitman are one of the possible programs to try out. However, there is the manual removal guide just below this article. It is also toll-free. Even more importantly, you have to remove the ransomware. In the meanwhile, you should  virus. Thus, the only efficient solution to EHIZ 4.0 removal might be to follow a guide given below and disable the ransomware first. 

Windows OS affected by EHIZ

  • Windows 1029% 
  • Windows 839% 
  • Windows 723% 
  • Windows Vista6% 
  • Windows XP3% 

Warning! Multiple anti-virus scanners have just detected malware possibility related to EHIZ.

Anti-Virus SoftwareVersionDetection
Kingsoft AntiVirus2013.4.9.267Win32.EHIZ
VIPRE Antivirus22702EHIZ
K7 AntiVirus9.179.12403Unwanted-Program ( EHIZ )
VIPRE Antivirus22224EHIZ.Generic

EHIZ Global Trends by Country

Download Removal Toolto remove EHIZ

Our recommended software:

There are not many good anti-malware software's with high detection ratio. Our malware research team recommend to run several applications, not just one. These antimalware software's which listed below will help you to remove all pc threats like EHIZ.

SpyHunter4 Anti-MalwarePlumbytes Anti-Malware

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