Remove GANDCRAB V5.0.4

About GANDCRAB V5.0.4 Ransomware virus

The message warns that your PC is blocked due to violating Copyright and Related Right Law and illegally using or distributing copyrighted content or because you  It was discovered by MalwareHunterTeam on the 22nd of October, 2016. Criminals unleash their scams to haunt society more frequently then it was spotted before. Rocky ransomware uses  Basically, this program seeks to convince its victims that they were blocked by a local Police Department for various law violations and have to pay a fine of 300 LTL. GANDCRAB V5.0.4 is a scam and should be treated as such:

It’s very obvious to tell if your computer is infected with this ransomware because you will notice a special message on your home screen and some or even all of your files will be encrypted, so you won’t be able to open or use them in any other way. According to BSA your computer will be unlocked within 72 hours after your payment is received. It can also enter your computer via spammy emails or some security holes in your operating system. Beware that they may look very convincing and may inform you about such ‘important’ things as missing payments, discounts, purchases, etc. has been strongly influenced by a ransomware.

How are Ransomware Viruses Spread?

Please, do NOT believe this fake notification that is used to make people pay invented fine! it drops some of its registry entries and creates its own icon on the desktop. However, though it seems to be trustworthy, GANDCRAB V5.0.4 is nothing but useless program that seeks to get your money for its invented ‘repair’ services. Beware that if you actually get involved into some crime, you would be warned about it in different ways. Department of GANDCRAB V5.0.4 gets ability to start its dirty campaign against the user. If you send them money, that does not mean you will be get the key for decryption. R-Studio 

If you have more than one user’s account and at least one of them is not infected, login to it and scan your computer with Anti-Malware Tool. In this case, you should disconnect your computer from the Internet right away because this threat may try to encrypt additional data that is saved on your Dropbox and similar solutions. Anti-Malware Tool  If you can access another user from the infected PC, download Anti-Malware Tool on that account, launch it (if you need, run it as infected administrative user). Only now people are prepared to download decrypt_GANDCRAB V5.0.4.exe. This method of transmission is more dangerous since this type of infection is capable of disguising itself.   Both the methods serve as charm that captivate a naive user. GANDCRAB”. Please, do NOT pay the ransom because you will support scammers and their future crimes.

How to Restore Your Files and to Remove GANDCRAB V5.0.4 Ransomware?

If you cannot use Safe Mode, try rebooting into safe mode with command prompt. If one of such accounts has administrator rights, you should be capable to launch anti-malware program. If you do not want your data to be encrypted, you should take particular security measures – secure your computer with an anti-malware software, backup your files, update your software, and avoid visiting untrustworthy websites and downloading content from them. If it is also blocked, select Safe Mode with Command Prompt. In addition to this, the spam folder of one’s e-mail box should be the forbidden area not to be bypassed. It is best to keep your files stored on some external drive and update it regularly.

If you have already been infected with this virus, you should remove GANDCRAB V5.0.4 and related files from your computer system ASAP. So unless you are an experienced computer user, you should not opt for the manual  In order to disable the Flash, go to Macromedia support and select ‘Deny’: 1a2vn57b348741t92451sst0a391ba72 legal company. Anti-Malware Tool, Anti-Malware Tool or Anti-Malware Tool. The manual deletion of such a virus can be too overwhelming. Such dangerous computer viruses root deeply into the operating system, so their manual removal is not possible. The manual removal instructions come after the post. After you have removed the malware one way or another, you are free to use the decryptor provided and retrieve your precious data. The information kept online is always exposed to a greater risk than domestic data storing devices.

Windows OS affected by GANDCRAB V5.0.4

  • Windows 1027% 
  • Windows 832% 
  • Windows 724% 
  • Windows Vista6% 
  • Windows XP11% 

Warning! Multiple anti-virus scanners have just detected malware possibility related to GANDCRAB V5.0.4.

Anti-Virus SoftwareVersionDetection
Malwarebytes1.75.0.1PUP.Optional.GANDCRAB V5.0.4
Baidu-International3.5.1.41473PUP.Win32.GANDCRAB V5.0.4
Kingsoft AntiVirus2013.4.9.267Win32.GANDCRAB V5.0.4
McAfee-GW-Edition2013Win32.Application.GANDCRAB V5.0.4
McAfee5.600.0.1067Win32.Application.GANDCRAB V5.0.4
Malwarebytesv2013.10.29.10PUP.GANDCRAB V5.0.4
VIPRE Antivirus22224GANDCRAB V5.0.4.Generic
Tencent1.0.0.1Win32.GANDCRAB V5.0.4
VIPRE Antivirus22702GANDCRAB V5.0.4
NANO AntiVirus0.26.0.55366Trojan.Win32.Searcher.GANDCRAB V5.0.4
K7 AntiVirus9.179.12403Unwanted-Program ( GANDCRAB V5.0.4 )
Dr.WebAdware.GANDCRAB V5.0.4
Qihoo-3601.0.0.1015Win32/Virus.RiskTool.GANDCRAB V5.0.4

GANDCRAB V5.0.4 Global Trends by Country

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Our recommended software:

There are not many good anti-malware software's with high detection ratio. Our malware research team recommend to run several applications, not just one. These antimalware software's which listed below will help you to remove all pc threats like GANDCRAB V5.0.4.

SpyHunter4 Anti-MalwarePlumbytes Anti-Malware

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