Cyber Security

Cyber Security

With a constantly increasing number of various Internet-based parasites, it is not surprising that cybersecurity has become a priority for individual users as well as organizations, companies, and even governments. This year had computer users dealing with all kinds of online safety related issues including ransomware, cyber theft, spyware, and more. Here are top 5 cybersecurity risks of 2015.


Ransomware is a malicious application that can lock your computer desktop restricting access to it. This malware usually attempts to trick the user in one of two ways: it either pretends to be associated with a legitimate government facility and accuses the user of committing a crime, or encrypts your data and demands that you pay a ransom for it. The first type of ransomware uses scare tactics in order to convince the user to pay a "fine" for a non-existent crime, while the second one actually encrypts the files stored on the computer.

Unfortunately, even backed up data is not always safe as some of these malicious programs may target such cloud-based storages as OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. The user may try to restore the encrypted data via one of these storage solutions and find that the backups have been encrypted as well. Moreover, ransomware can also infect mobile devices and tablets, which allows cyber criminals to make even more profit.

Weak passwords

Insecure passwords have always been a cybersecurity risk. They allow cyber crooks to take over your accounts without much difficulty. Password recovery mechanisms are flawed as well. The method of asking a question the answer to which should only be known to the real owner of the account is especially easy-to-crack. The answer can usually be found by simply visiting the user's social networking page.

Personal data theft

Personal information theft is not exactly a new threat either. Stolen credit and debit card details, online banking credentials, and other financial data can be used against you and lead to serious money losses. Moreover, with new ways of making payments, such as contactless and mobile payments, which are especially popular in Europe, come new opportunities for cyber crooks. This especially true if retailers do not store the payment data securely.

Cyber Security Threat


Cyber espionage attacks have increased in the past year. This type of spying has become one of the main weapons of different national governments. Information gathering, theft, and other disruptions are all part of cyber warfare used by various nations as well as terrorist groups.

The Internet of Things

The term "The Internet of Things" refers to the connection of various devices to the Internet. These devices include not only your computer or mobile phone, but also home appliances, vehicles, and so on. These interconnected systems present new vulnerabilities, which can easily be exploited by hackers.

It is safe to say that the World Wide Web remains a dangerous place. The number of cybersecurity related issues is growing with every year making it more and more challenging to keep your computer and your personal data safe and protected. That is why it is so important to be stay alert while surfing the Internet and to have a powerful anti-malware utility capable of providing you with reliable online protection at all times.